Mr. Zhang, the founder of the firm, had worked in the SIPO as an examiner in Mechanical Invention Patent Examination Department for more than ten years. He qualified as an attorney at law and an assets assessor in 1995 and 1997. His practice involves patent prosecution, invalidation, patent litigation in the areas of mechanics, and automatic control.

From more than 20 years of patent work, Mr. ZHANG has extensive experience working with multinational and Chinese companies, providing legal advice on patent applications, invalidation, infringement litigation, IP strategy making and implementation, as well as Chinese enterprises’ overseas patent warning analysis, which distinguished him as one of the leading experts in IP industry.

He has offered guidance for many high new technology companies on patent strategy making and implementing work. His IP strategic design and advice enable his clients benefit from the creation, protection and utilization of intellectual property, which wins him broad fame and reliance among the clients.


  • B.S. in Fluid Power Transmission and Control at University of Science and Technology of Beijing;
  • M.L. in Civil and Commercial Law at China University of Politics and Law;
  • EMBA in National School of Development at Peking University;
  • U.S. New Patent Law and Practice at The John Marshall Law School.

Field of practice

Patent invalidation in the fields of machinery,electric control, materials and electrical appliances.

Patent disputes, patent warning, patent strategy, trademark reexamination and trademark disputes.


  • Hanwang Technology Co., Ltd. VS Japan WACOM Co., Ltd. "Handwriting Board" series patent dispute case
  • Beijing Xinri E-Vehicle Co., Ltd. VS Anyrun Group Electric Coach Co., Ltd. Patent infringement lawsuit for"Brushless permanent magnet DC motor stator winding suitable for soft shifting"
  • UBUKATA INDUSTRIES co.,LTD VS Yueqing Zhengbo Electric Co., Ltd. Patent Administrative Litigation for "Thermal Protector for Sealed Electric Drive Compressors"
  • People Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd VS China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) Administrative review for "Circuit breaker overcurrent protection system and its working method"

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