Sunshine IP International and Beijing Intellectual Property Operation Management Co., Ltd. Achieve Strategic Partnership Agreement

February 27th, 2019

Recently, Sunshine Intellectual Property International Co., Ltd. and Beijing Intellectual Property Operation Management Co., Ltd. have extensively communicated with each other and reached a strategic cooperation agreement on the premise of equality and voluntariness, mutual benefit and pushing forward a win-win situation.

IPR operation is an important part of the IPR service industry. In the general environment of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", the IPR service industry has entered a period of rapid development. The two sides will take this strategic cooperation as an opportunity to establish long-term strategic partnership and give full play to their respective advantages, using their existing Internet service platform for the other side of the presentation and promotion of intellectual property services in the intellectual property agency, high-value intellectual property Sharing and sharing of supply and demand information, professional service resources and channels in the related work such as education, cultivation, intellectual property transaction, technology transfer and transformation, intellectual property investment and financing, intellectual property legal services, intellectual property valuation and other related work, realizing the cooperation in cost management, service, customer satisfaction and Performance improvement and improvement.

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