Min LI

Ms. Li joined Sunshine in 2006, mainly engaged in drafting,response to official actions, patent re-examination, patent information analysis and freedom to practice in chemical, material and medical industries.

She is an expert in the re-examination and OA responses. And she is specialized in patent mapping and mining, and she has scientifically and effectively provided many large listed companies with home-abroad patent map aimed at their core technology ranging from basic patents to peripheral ones.

she has been dedicated to the studies in desulphurization technology and the coal chemical industry for long time, and is particularly experienced in the patent mapping and mining in this field. she furnishes the large listed companies with precise information so as to help them making research and development and marketing strategy, as well as technical and talent cooperative strategy.

All of these experiences distinguished Ms. Li as one of the leading patent experts, and one of the patent applications drafted by Ms. Li titled “A method of utilizing urea to jointly produce melamine, soda ash and ammonia chloride” was awarded as one of the “100 Outstanding Invention Patents” by the SIPO, which is given upon the comprehensive quality, stability, social benefits.


  • B.S. in Chemitryat at Shanxi Normal University
  • M.E. in Physical Chemistry and Catalytic at Tianjin University-Physical

Field of practice

Patent reexamination, patent invalidation, patent early warning, infringement analysis, and IP strategy to companies in the chemical, mechanical and other technical fields.


  • The National First Case Tried at the Intellectual Property Court in Beijing "Huaihuazheng vs. Zhejiang Weikang Pharmaceutical" patent invalidation case
  • Chen Jie vs. Mitsubishi Chemical Co., Ltd. "Preparation method of alcohol" patent invalidation case
  • National Electric Power Company Electric Power Construction Research Institute vs. Hangzhou Huadian Huayuan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. "Fire-burning boiler high-temperature ash dry conveying device" patent invalidation case
  • Ningbo Fangtai Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd. vs. Guangdong Canbo Electrical Co., Ltd "Invalid Structure of Induction Cooker and Gas Stove" patent invalidation case
  • Beijing Wanqiao Xingye Machinery Co., Ltd. vs. Zhengzhou Dafang Bridge Machinery Co., Ltd. "Tire type lifting beam machine" patent invalidation case
  • Xuzhou Hanlin Technology Co., Ltd. vs. Li Hong "Excavator Driving Simulation Training Device" patent invalidation case

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