Gary Cheng

Mr. Cheng, joined Sunshine in August of 2008, alomost 20 years working experience. He was qualified as a Chinese patent attorney in 2010, and is skillful in patent drafting and prosecution in the technical fields of computer science, electronics, automation and mechanics, and also has rich experience in patent reexamination and patent invalidation. He participated in a number of Chinese and foreign related patent litigation cases, such as Indian patent litigation, US patent litigation and Inter-Party Review; and also participated in a number of Freedom-to-Operate cases, such as US Freedom-to-Operate case, UK Freedom-to-Operate case, German Freedom-to-Operate case, and Indian Freedom-to-Operate case. Furthermore, he has rich experience in Chinese and Foreign related trademark application and trademark review, successfully representing Swedish Commercial Bank for their trademark review case.

Currently, he is the manager of international business department, mainly handling the foreign related patent and trademark prosecution and re-examination and litigation cases. 


  • B.S. in Automation at Nanchang University
  • MSc, in Information Technology at University of Dundee

Practice Area

Patent Prosecution,Trademark Prosecution, Litigation

Technical Background

Electrics,  Communication, Mechanics, Computer Science


  • Participated in the overseas strategic early warning of multimedia digital dispatching command system of Beijing Jiaxun Feihong Electric
  • Participated in the patent litigation case of Guodian Futong Technology Development Co., Ltd. in India

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