Donghui Gao

Mr. Gao had worked at State Intellectual Property Office for nearly 20 years. He started as an examiner and then promoted to director, and later became the director assistant of Intellectual Property Office of Jiangsu Provincial; most importantly, before joining IP Sunshine International, he was the Chief Examiner of Patent Examination Cooperation Center of Henan.

As a former patent office examiner, he has extensive experience in patent examination procedure, familiar with internal quality control process, and specializes in patent quality control. He provided numerous training courses to both well-known corporations and universities relating to intellectual property management and patent application. As a result, he accumulated extensive experience in intellectual property management as well as in training work.


  • B.S. in Precision instrument manufacturing expertise at Harbin Institute of Technology
  • M.E. in Civil and Commercial Law at China University of Political science and Law
  • LLM in IP Law at John Marshall Law School

Practice Area

Patent drafting, litigation and patent analysis in the fields of mechanics, industrial and civil construction, thermal engineering, water supply and drainage, and water treatment

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