Yongfen Ma

Ms. Ma joined the firm back in 2009 and mainly engaged in domestic business. She specialized in patent search and drafting, OA response, patent project analysis, infringement analysis, public opinion, and patent invalidation etc. Ms. Ma has long been engaged in the examination and approval, as well as quality inspection of the patent application. She has handled nearly 1000 patent applications.

Ms. Ma has extensive experience in the electronics field of domestic patent application and specializes at patent mining, patent layout etc.

She served a number of large domestic enterprises, and became their designated patent attorney. She also provided patent training to some well-known companies, such as Mengniu, and State Grid.


  • B.S. in -Automation at Shandong University
  • M.S. in Automation System of Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System at North China Electric Power University

Practice Area

Automation, electronics, pattern recognition, signal processing, intelligent control, artificial intelligence, and big data


  • As the client-designated patent Attorney, Ms. Ma served the State Grid Smart Grid Research Institute, Peking University Founder, Tsinghua University, Leshi Group, Gree Group, Yulong Technology, Goldwind Technology and others well-known enterprises.
  • Provided IP training for enterprises of Mengniu, State Grid, State Grid Smart Grid Research Institute, China Huadian Engineering Co. Ltd, Huatong Xin’an, and Shenzhen Autel Technology, etc.

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