Cancun AIPPI 2018


AIPPI annual meeting was recently held in Cancun, Mexico from September 23th-26th,2018. From all over the world, attorneys, judges, government officials, patent and trademark agents, engineers and other professionals from hundreds of countries and regions, altogether and to explore the new era of development in the field of intellectual property rights and protection. IP Sunshine was invited to attend by a delegation of three representatives, including Chairman Mr. Jacky Zhang, and foreign business department manager, Mr. Gary Cheng.

During the conference, the delegation shared with the participants regarding the outstanding achievements and useful experience of Sunshine in the field of China domestic and international intellectual property in recent years. At the same time, it also carried out extensive, full and frank exchanges with intellectual property participants of various countries. They have trusted and understood each other, established extensive and friendly business contacts, and reached a number of intentions for further cooperation, with fruitful results. In the panel discussion on the topic of “Conflicting Patent Application” held on the 25th, Mr.Jie Zhang participated in the voting on behalf of AIPPI China.

Headquartered in Switzerland, AIPPI has been established in 1897, and has a history of 120 years. Now has more than 9400 members and holds an international conference and executive committee annually. As one of the leading private international organizations in the world of intellectual property, AIPPI aims to improve and promote the protection of intellectual property rights internationally, to promote the study of intellectual property legislation in various countries, and to achieve unity of the legislation on intellectual rights of various countries, so as to facilitate the effective protection of intellectual property rights in the world.

 AIPPI 2019 will be held in London next year!

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