Sunshine IP International Participated in 2017 China Trademark Festival


From September 1st to 4th, the 2017 China Trademark Festival was held in Guilin City and it was co-sponsored by China Trademark Association and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Administration for Industry and Commerce. This festival is mainly formed by the Chinese trademark annual forum, the Chinese brand Expo and a series of other activities. IP Sunshine was invited to participate in this event. Marketing Director Mr. Peng Gao, International Business Manager Mr. Gary Cheng, and Trademark/Copyright Manager Ms. Hongxia Jin participated in this year’s festival on behalf of IP Sunshine..

This year's festival also hosted the fourth China brand economy summit forum, with "trademark brand protection innovation and sharing development" as the theme, invites the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the World Intellectual Property Organization and other organizations, institutions and domestic and foreign experts and scholars, Well-known entrepreneurs, etc., all together and discussed on the trademark brand policy, how to build the world's leading brands,  how brands lead the economic development, how to use trademark brand for protection and innovation and other cutting-edge issues. And also given out keynote speech, and depth interpretation.

During the meeting, the representative of Sunshine also conducted in-depth talks with representatives of the participating enterprises and industry peers, sharing the achievements and experiences of Sunshine in the field of trademark and patents in recent years, and enhanced mutual trust and understanding, and reached a number of cooperation intentions.

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