Lipu Tian, Former Director General of National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC: How to Integrate IP with International Standards?

June 3rd, 2019

知识产权保护On June 3rd, Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce and Sunshine IP International held a theme forum on “How to Strengthen IP Protection and Application” at Shenzhen Business Service Center. This forum aimed to give enterprises a better understanding on how to protect IP, how to use IP to protect their core products, and how to effectively enhance their competitions and expand their market shares. Mr.Tian, the former director of National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC and the chairman of the China Intellectual Property Society was invited to this forum. Jiangang Zhang, general manager of IP Sunshine International and the expert counsel of Expert Consulting Committee for National Supreme Court Intellectual Property Case Study Base (Beijing), was invited as a keynote speaker, and there were more than 100 member enterprises attended this conference.


The Practical Significance of IP Protection

As the main promoter and witness of the development of China's IP industry, Mr.Tian shared his view on “How Enterprises Improve Business Values through IP.” He believed that after 40 years of China's reform and opening, China's economy has embarked on the road of innovation and development. With the continuous improvement of IP system, and the improvement of IP awareness, there are more innovative achievements have been protected under law. "Innovation is achieved from idea to value and from knowledge to wealth. It needs to be supported by the regulations on IP system. It needs a large amount of high value-added IP, and the achievement of commercial value of IP, which needs to be the core of national economic growth," Mr.Tian said. More importantly, enterprises need to use technological innovation to create a global market differentiation or even a leading competitive advantage, to form intellectual property protection with patents, and upgrade from the low-end to the high-end of the global value chain.


Junsheng Song, the general manager of Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce Operation Management Center, said that IP belongs to technologies and products, no matter if it’s patents, brands or copyrights. Shenzhen has always been specialized at industrialization, and Beijing is speciaized at academics. Therefore, when Shenzhen’s intellectual property and Beijing’s intelligence come together, it will definitely hit a very different spark, and it must have a very meaningful exploration of intellectual property..

How IP Reflects Business Value

At present, enterprise innovation, business value, intellectual property, business competition... These have gradually become the focus of corporate attention, and have become an important driving force for enterprise innovation and development. In the future competition, how can enterprises use intellectual property to help commercial competition? How does intellectual property integrate with the world? Experts from Beijing and representatives from Shenzhen share the protection and application of intellectual property rights.


Jiangang Zhang, General Manager of Sunshine IP International shared the theme of “Enterprise Risk Response in a Strictly IP Protection Environment.” He said that in recent years, the state has repeatedly emphasized the importance of the protection of intellectual property rights, and has successively established special intellectual property courts in more than 20 cities across the country to realize the specialization of intellectual property judicial trials.

What should enterprises do under strictly IP protection environment? Jiangang Zhang summarized three key points through several case studies. The first one is patent search and early warning. In this process we have to be more cautious and conduct professional search and early warning analysis. The second point is patent layout. The professional patent layout is not only solved by applying for a patent, but by layout to achieve good protection. The third point is to regulate intellectual property management. If this is sorted out, there will be no problem with the process of losing the lawsuit.

Today’s conference ended with a roundtable forum on the theme of "Development Planning of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area". It discussed how to cultivate high-value patents; how to reduce intellectual property risks (especially overseas market risks) in the process of business operations; how to effectively improve the level of technological achievements; how to effectively capitalize the operation of intellectual property; and the innovation chain, industry chain, capital chain How to link the "three chains" and other issues that current enterprises care about.


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