Jiangang Zhang

Mr. Zhang used to teach in Beijing Technology University in 2003-2005, and had undertaken several national scientific research projects. He provides numerous lectures in many training courses and symposiums organized by CNIPA (formally known as SIPO) and ACPAA, and he has more than 10 academic dissertations published on papers.

He joined the firm in 2005 and mainly focuses in patent application, patent invalidation, infringement and administrative litigation, IP strategy, and IP early warning analysis etc. He has applied for a number of invention patents, and obtained rich experiences from his scientific research work.

He has handled more than 500 patent invalidation and patent dispute cases, as well as more than 100 patent early warnings and enterprise IP strategy cases.


  • B.S. in Material Processing at Shandong University
  • M.S. in Material Processing at Shandong University

Practice Area

Patent invalidation in the fields of mechanics, materials, energy and electrical appliances, patent dispute, patent early warning, enterprise IP strategy, trademark reexamination and trademark dispute


  • Hanvon Technology Co., Ltd. vs. Wacom for patent dispute of “Pen Tablet”
  • Zhongshan Broad-Ocean Motor Co., Ltd. vs. Nidec Corporation for patent dispute of “The stator assembly of plastic brushless motor”
  • Zhejiang Ouzhi Cutlery Co., Ltd. patent dispute for “World No. 1 Saber”


  • Zhanqing Xu vs. Kubota Corporation for hundreds of patent dispute cases of “Combine-Harvester”, “Walking type paddy field operation machine”, “Paddy field operation machine”, “Walk-Transplanter”

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