Hongtuan Li

Ms. Li started practicing back in 2000, specializing in patent application, patent reexamination, patent invalidation, patent infringement, enterprise IP strategy, and other comprehensive IP work. With her deep solid professional skills, diligently work style, she has won the customers’ highly appreciations.


Patent Practice: 17 Years


  • B.S. in Chemistry at Hebei University

Practice Area

Pharmaceutics, Chemistry


  • “A composition of glycoprotein hormone” represented by Ms. Li was awarded “The Gold Award of the Fifteenth China Patent Award”
  • Succeed in representing China’s first “antibody” patent invalidation, she helped to remove the patent barriers of China antibody pharmaceutical industry as well as objectively made a great contribution for the development of China antibody pharmaceutical industry
  • Her patent infringement case for “amlodipine” was awarded as one of the “2010 Chinese Court IP Judicial Protection 50 Typical Cases”, as well as the case teaching guideline in the 2009-2013 annual report of Supreme People’s Court. This case resolves some of the long-standing problems in patent infringement decisions, which has a milestone meaning in the IP industry
  • Clients include: domestic famous enterprises such as CSPC PHARMA Group, CPGJ pharma, China Tobacco Guangxi industrial co., ltd, Sunresin Technology, Qian Dong GROUP and other domestic famous enterprises; Education fields like Tsinghua University, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Institute of Biophysics in Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Institute of Medicinal Plants and so on

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